Hurricane Ian Animal Rescue Project

As you know, Southwest Florida recently got hit with one of the worst Hurricanes ever recorded, Hurricane Ian. Thousands of people were affected heavily by the storm causing damages to homes, vehicles, businesses, and much more. One heavily impacted category we tend to forget are THE ANIMALS.

Hundreds of pets have been lost and displaced due to Hurricane Ian. Many pet owners are still searching for their pets in hopes that the worst has not occurred. Without the help of local shelters/rescues, such as Humane Society Naples, many pet parents would not have found their furry friends and been reunited to provide the mental and emotional support they so desperately need.

Courtesy Orange County Government, Florida


Due to this unfortunate event, Inspire Unity has teamed up with Sterling Davis (Trap King), Bob Lynch (Cowboy Cat Wrangler), Michelle Fern (Pet Life Radio), Jae and Adrienne (The Two Crazy Cat Ladies), Raquel Cid (Paws & Perros Podcast), and Dr. Rachel Geller (Cat Behaviorist) to support Hurricane Ian animal rescue efforts!

With your help, we’ll be raising funds for the Humane Society of Naples through our most recent project, Hurricane Ian Animal Rescue Project. Through this fundraiser, you’ll be able to physically show your support by uploading a picture alongside your donation. Your picture along with many others will come together to create a larger collage image in which we’ll present to HSN!

Join here: Hurricane Ian Animal Rescue Project



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