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At Inspire Unity, our goal is to provide meaningful crowdfunding projects to not only fund important causes, but also build communities in the process. Through our unique collage projects, donors get to be a physical part of the solution while the ones on the receiving end are left with not just a funded cause, but also a lifetime memory.

Photo Uploads

Project organizers are able to choose the main collage image. Participants are encouraged to upload their photos alongside a donation to form the collage and fund the cause.

Pinpoint Features

Users logged in previous to uploading an image are able to pinpoint exactly where their photo is on each collage.

Community Forums

Users logged in previous to donating are then able to interact in the community forum provided.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

What Is Inspire Unity?

Inspire Unity is a unique fundraising platform in which donors join hand in hand with others to not only fund a cause but show a physical depiction of unity in support. Unlike traditional fundraising platforms, Inspire Unity paves the way for interactive fundraising to go digital. Instead of just sending money with a momentary dopamine rush, donors can now be part of an everlasting memory that our projects provide. 

Each fundraiser is tied to a mosaic collage. Project coordinators choose which photo the collage will create. Donors and supporters upload their pictures alongside a donation to form the collage as a whole. This provides the perfect depiction of unity and shows that it is capable for us to come together through common interest, loves, goals, and ideas. 

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      The idea of Inspire Unity came after the rough 2 year span from 2019-2021. The world was divided as ever and spiraling down hill fast. From world issues like Covid to state and local issues such as political unrest, people needed a change. A way to unify and join together through common interests and goals. Nothing builds community better than a group project. Something that every person can contribute to and build alongside each other. This is where the idea of Inspire Unity sparked.

      A collage is defined by Wikipedia as “which art results from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole”. This is exactly how people are supposed function, as a whole. Our collage projects are designed to show that when joining together we can create a new whole and make a difference.

      From within our small communities to a global scale, Inspire Unity has your back. Our test project consisted of over 200 people from 4 different countries all with one common love, their cats! It’s now time to expand and allow YOU to create, coordinate, and fund projects of your choice. The ball is in your court, enjoy!

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2020 Cat Collage

Our very first fundraiser (2020) was a cat driven project. Donations given were used to benefit Fur Angels Rescue Shelter out of Toledo, OH. This fundraiser raised just over $1,500 from about 150 donors.
This project not only directed us in the way we wanted to go with Inspire Unity, but also allowed us to impact hundreds of people on a global scale. Donors from over 5 different countries participated in this fundraiser.
After completing the Cat Collage, we decided to revamp our website into what it is today. A fully functional fundraising platform for all to use!

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Sterling Davis
Sterling Davis Cat Rescue Expert
Animal welfare really needs some young fresh ideas and positive energy. I'm so happy to work with Inspire Unity and support the mission!

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