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“It could have happened to any town in this country.

But it happened in mine.

A town full of 4,700 friendly faces that greet you like family when you roll through.  It’s hard not to find a common thread of conversation whether it’s the weather, or what the score was at the local football game the night before, East Palestine, Ohio is Everytown, USA.


 So, in a village that was once built and boomed for being side by side with the railroad tracks, one winter night in February was torn down with fear and devastation on those same tracks with a train derailment.


 Now, with limited answers being brought to light, this small town is looking for answers, and actions of its people, their elected officials, and the leadership of those involved to communicate a strategy for the revival, and a plan of hope for a town that could have easily been your own.



 We are Everytown, USA.  We are resilient.  We are EP Strong.”

 – Dj Yokely: East Palestine resident, YSN Live founder

(YSN Live)


As you have now seen all over the news, a devastating event has ripped through the small town of East Palestine, Ohio. A train derailment releasing deadly chemicals into the environment around them. Residents were shortly after evacuated with what seemed like very little explanation. Since then, residents have been able to return, but with many unanswered questions.

 Now, days after the country has been informed on the issue at hand. Residents are worried, animals are dying, drinking water is scarce, and economic pressures have caved in on the residents of East Palestine, Ohio.

 We encourage each and every one of you reading this to rally around the small town at this time. There is strength in unity! We need to not only financially support this small town, but also show our support as well. Whether it’s a family photo, business logo, selfie, etc, let’s show this town who has their back during such an unprecedented time.

 Key Funding Categories:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Fresh Drinking Water
  • Small Business Support

Additional funds will be dispersed as needed. Whether that means food, shelter, or any other need within the town, we will connect with locals and/or City Council to determine these needs.

We’d like to thank you in advance for supporting the residents of East Palestine as they navigate this unusual and devastating time.

Project Sponsors:

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