The Cat Business Alliance Changing The Cat Industry For Good In 2022


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Hi, I’m Dan of The Cat Business Alliance. 

We’re a working partnership of cat business and nonprofits that increases business revenues & nonprofit funding for the common mission of bringing more cats into forever homes with loving families. It’s a beautiful circle of service to cats. 

 I chose to start this campaign on Inspire Unity to complete all development and site functionality work because that’s part of our mission too: 

Our Mission: Uniting all cat professionals from both business and nonprofit to bring more cats to permanent homes, better served, happy, healthy and loved. 


What better time than 2022, The Year Of The Tiger? 

(Incidentally, all domestic cats we know and love are genetically over 95% tiger. They’re ready to pounce on their opportunity to be No. 1!!) 

              A newborn black and white cat

The Cat Business Alliance was born from both recent and growing changes in attitudes toward cats and a sudden societal shift during the past two years that brought more people and cats together than ever before. 

 Their families were at home a lot more than before, working, studying and often just passing the time. Why not play with the cat? Why not curl up for a movie with a furry lap warmer? 

Basically, we rediscovered our cats. They rediscovered us. And we were both pretty good with that. Good enough to think of and treat them more like part of the family. We wanted to do more for and with our cats. 


With all members of the cat industry focused on the common goal of bringing cats into homes through communication and collaboration, the level of cat business end-consumers (cats in homes) increases, raising revenues while nonprofits receive funding generated by regular business purchases, expenses and more through several novel and innovative approaches. 

Every business has regular expenses to stay in business. Those expenses can help provide funds to nonprofits as well without spending more money. Many other expenses they must pay or may consider to grow their businesses can do the same. 

Promotional and educational strategies in association with nonprofits help with engagement and awareness in many ways, and there are still more ways to help. 

The more business and nonprofits work together and learn from one another, the better they understand each other. And the more they can do for cats.  

Everyone benefits. 

Most especially the cats waiting for homes with loving lifetime families. 


Cat business grows, nonprofits do more to bring cats home and cats enjoy their dream life while the circle of service to cats keeps rolling. What could be better? 

Come join the homecoming party! 

                                                                                                              Three agile boogie cats in a sunny meadow dancing for joy


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Watch us grow!! 




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